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30pin is a one-person online magazine of the history of consumer technology. We are taking a closer look at tools that amazed us—from computers and gadgets to home appliances and telecommunication devices.

We’ve Just Launched—And We Need Your Support

30pin launched in August 2020, in a turbulent time for many independent publications. The site is created out of pure passion for history, with no funding outside my personal savings. Beyond researching and writing, which do take a lot of resources on their own, I will license archival photos from top agencies, pay contributors for their work, and cover the web service stack which powers the site.

30pin is on its way to sustain itself through advertising and syndication deals. Your support is crucial in making sure it gets to that point. 

Why You Should Trust Us

My name’s Yuri, and I maintain 30pin on my free time. By day, I’m an online editor at Kommersant, a Russian business daily. I also regularly contribute to Tedium (which you should support as well), and my work has been featured in Vice’s Motherboard, Atlas Obscura, and Nintendo Life. You might have read my musings on iPAQssmuggled Apple computerssmart landlines and other topics—and I’ll do my best to bring other authors, too.

I am running 30pin with the same underlying principles of journalism I am expected to persuade as a professional journalist—from rigorous fact checking and source linking to a policy of non-participation in any spon-con deals. The latter point does make it harder to monetize 30pin, but a trust of my readers is worth way more. You can read the 30pin ethics statement here.

Perks for Power Readers

Newsletters proved to be a favorite way to learn more for people who really need their info—and if you are reading this, chances are high that you’re accustomed to the format. That’s why this Patreon is all about newsletters. Choose between getting a digested version of 30pin articles in your inbox (perfect for Axios or Techmeme readers), share the experience of running the site with me, or make me do a literally personal newsletter—looking the way you like it, filled with whatever content you want.

Every pledge is appreciated—and so is every article about to be read and shared. Follow 30pin to not miss the date, tell your friends, and thank you for the early support!
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This is a standard monthly fee for the Ghost publishing platform 30pin is using, combined with a starter fee for Fathom Analytics, a privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative. By helping us reach this goal, you’ll make sure the site won’t go poof because of a financial force majeure.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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