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An early behind the scenes look at what life is like trying to help stray dogs in Thailand.

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About 365 Strays A Year

My life and my story.

The fight for acceptance and an escape. I have a real desire to explore a see new place, but yet I'm caught in the middle. Since meeting my now wife, Kirsten, life has changed. She gave me the push I needed to do things I had always only dreamed of.

The start of the beginning.

I'll never forget the day I told my mum I was leaving for London at the age of 22. I'd lived in the small city of Lincoln all my life and loved it - I still do, it's still home. But, the world is bigger than Lincoln, I knew I needed to leave. It was so hard having to juggle my life ambition and the people I love around. 

Moving to London and working for two years was by far the best decision I had ever made. It gave me the confidence to do so much more. It came down to saving for a home for the future or see where life takes me. I choose the latter, and applied to work at camp in Canada with my wife to be with the the encouragement of some old friends that had done it for years.

Before hand, we decided to do back pack around South East Asia, as Kirsten is half Thai it made sense to go discover some more. We had a plan to visit everywhere, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, etc... 

The 'light bulb' moment.

When doing some research of where to travel to, I discovered a dog rescuer in Chonburi, Thailand. I organised a meeting and he showed us what he does daily and how he cares for the dogs at his foster home. It wasn't until he mentioned that people volunteered for him that everything changed.

The history.

All my life I have had dogs, my nanna was a breeder of all sorts of breeds, Whippets, Collies and German Shepherds to name a few, my grandad bred and raced Greyhounds until he past away when I was only one. I've always wanted to help dogs and make a difference. From that, we discovered so many more and spent most of our time in the South of Thailand in Songkhla. We spent 7 weeks in the end after agreeing to do two weeks originally. The dream was cemented forever.

And now.

Since then, we've gotten married, moved to Thailand permanently and adopted 3 dogs, Midnight, Trixie and Mochi. We took in four puppies from our local 7-11 in December and had them until they were older enough for to be re-homed and now they're living a good life at a very nice shelter, looking for homes. Now we have Bear, he's just a small puppy from behind our home. It's a thick jungle full of snakes, monitors, scorpions and everything else. We could not not take him in. and now were here, today.

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