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About 372 Pages We'll Never Get Back

Greetings, Gunters! If you're reading this, you are considering supporting 372 Pages We'll Never Get Back. So you probably already know that it is a podcast book club about terrible books, hosted by Mike Nelson and Conor Lastowka. And we definitely don't need to tell you that we've already covered two books in excruciating depth: Ready Player One and Armada.

But we had so much fun reading the fanfic that you wrote, writing and performing sketches based on the awful books, and introducing everyone to the wonders of body inflation fetish cows, that we want to keep the journey going. And by chipping in on Patreon, you can help us make it more than just a labor of love!

For five dollars a month, you'll get early access to all our episodes through your own Patreon exclusive feed. If this takes off, we'll offer up exclusive Patreon content. We'll donate a portion of every month's benefit to a non-profit or charity, and we will giveaway off our copies of the books to randomly selected patreon subscribers. Thanks for listening and for your support!

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