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This is Alex Forrest (380kmh) of #TrainTwitter fame: trains & train stations - considerate, passionate opinions on public transit & civic design - your satisfaction is my priority - welcome aboard!

I began #TrainTwitter to celebrate the beauty of good passenger rail, to demonstrate its harmony with both cities and wild places, and to introduce Americans to the possibilities afforded by excellent public transit.

My work thus far has focused on Japanese trains, since I have the most familiarity with them. This Patreon is intended to open up new horizons for train-related content by providing the means to explore rail systems around the world, documenting them with photographs, videos, essays, and travel tips.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated! All money raised on this Patreon will go towards travel expenses involved in creating new content (airfare, rail passes, accommodation); none of it will be used for my normal living expenses here in Massachusetts.

Imagine that I'm on a train, riding towards the excellent content at the end of the line. You know that the train will get there eventually, but it depends on what kind of train it is! Thus:

LOCAL: $1 per month - you are a fan!

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EXPRESS: $20 per month - you are an investor!

RAPID EXPRESS: $50 per month - you are a patron!

SUPEREXPRESS: $100 per month - you are a guardian angel!
$42 of $500 per month
At $500/month, I will be able to make four trips every year--each one brimming with fresh new photography and travel tips!
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