39dearMIKU is creating videos about the digital pop-star Hatsune Miku


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39 a lot from me and Miku for your support!

For this amount you will gain access to the "Patron-only feed" so you will get to see some "secret information" posted by me...


39 Video!

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This one is interesting! So I am making a lot of videos about the Project Diva games, right? Well if I can say so myself, it is often quite hilarious watching me play the g...

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If you are so incredibly generous to give so much, you will be able to join me in a Skype session (maybe around 1 hour, every 2 weeks or so) to just casually talk about Mik...


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The holy number! This calls for a  special present with MIKU LOVE sent to your home adress from me, individual for each potential backer. Mai...