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About Oscar 3D Printing Cosplay World


    Hi Guys My names Oscar and I been doing cosplay and props for the past 20 years, First cosplay as Kakashi from NARUTO, my builds started off with foam and wood build till 3D printing and finishing them. First and for most I would like to welcome you for visiting my Patreon. Regardless if you do not decide to join me here on Patreon I still want to thank you for stopping by and checking out by 3D printing builds, if it weren't for you guys i would not be here making this content. Right now I do YouTube and props full Time from my home and wanted to share what I make with everyone and showing you all how you to can make these helmets, props, and armors too for your next convention.When I got started in cosplay at the age of 18 and  there were no tutorials. And as i learned I even took on commissions for cosplay armors, props, and helmets for other cosplayers.  Many people asked me how to do this and I decided to do so giving tips and tricks that they could use for there builds

All funds donated through here on Patreon is all going to go to upgrading and continuing creating new videos and giving you more content. I feel i have the drive and potential to do this and like many of us here in the world do

4% complete
for a $100 pledge per month i will do a silly celebration dance on video for my patreons. I will look lil crazy and perhaps make a fool of myself but it will be fun and its for you guys for giving me your support
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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