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Milestone Goals
These new-fangled moving-picture shows may just be the wave of the future!
$100 per month
If we get this much interest in our work and guides, we'll begin hosting our live seminars and launch a kickstarter campaign to release bundles of how-to videos far ahead of our Patreon schedule. I'm impatient to get these things filmed, you're impatient to know how we made that amazing piece you saw so you can try to do it yourself and amaze your gaming buddies. We all win. Except your gaming buddies, they'll feel inferior to your amazing abilities.
A dedicated place for all your terrain and scenery needs.
$500 per month
Even if we release bundles of instructional videos for sale on DVD or download, we still want to make a place where we can continue to make new, updated guides, reviews, downloadable templates, charts and graphics. This pledge level gives us that time to make Patreon and our website a one-stop-supersite for all your terrain needs. More videos, more live events, more of everything and more personal patron interaction. (Not in a funny way that feels uncomfortable, more like fun contests and games.)


I'm Zeph, the chief runtherder of this scurvy operation. Sometimes it's just my partner Mismuse and I cranking out terrain all week long, sometimes we have part-time helpers and trainees during our busy seasons. We have produced so much terrain, and continue to produce so much, that I don't have the time to show what we do and how we do it! That's where Patreon comes in. Your pledges free up even a slice of time that I can start to let everyone in on ALL the secrets.

3T-Studios is a small, professional art team that works around the clock making highly detailed, dynamic, masterclass level gaming terrain, miniature scenery, display boards and dioramas. 

Every month we month we receive a deluge of questions about how to make the kinds of artistic terrain pieces that we show to the public. We rarely have time to respond to every question, and have even less time to publish the detailed guides and articles we really want to share with everyone. So with your help on Patreon we will be releasing a variety of content, from beginner level tutorials to advanced techniques, online guides and reviews, to editorials about the hobby of terrain making and fun and games, out-takes, and other surprises. We also will be holding contests and drawings every month to give our supporters a chance to own some of our original work.

This is the kind of community interaction we've wanted to provide for a long time, and with Patreon and your pledges, we will finally be able to give back as much as we would like.
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