3blue1brown is creating animated math videos

Early access

$1 /creation
Get early access to future "Essence of" type series, and anything else I choose to release early.

Plus, every time a pledge is made, somewhere in the world a new pi creature is born.

Half-off merchandise

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You'll be helping twice as much as if you had pledged $1.  Think about that, that's 100% more pi creatures fed thanks to people like you.  

As thanks, on top of early access...


Animation previews

$4 /creation
For all you lovely Fourers, while I'm working on a new video I'll give you sneak peeks of the animations I'm making. 

And of course, you get also get the early access rewards as well.

Transformed name animation

$8 /creation
Alright, we're in the big leagues now, beyond the scope of coffee prices (barring some of those crazy 3d foam art lattes).   In addition to previous rewards, I'll

Description credits

$16 /creation
Wow, you are clearly not kidding around when it comes to supporting more videos on math for the world.  It's as if these videos are movies at a theater (note to self, feature-length pi creature sag...

On-screen credits

$31 /creation
Aha!  You thought it was powers of 2, didn't you?  Looks like someone never saw that early video I did on circle division.

For your seriousness about this project, I'll include your name on ...

Phone call

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I'll give you a personal phone call, where we can chat about math, outreach, and the future of each.  As always, this is on top of previous rewards.


$99 /creation
During our phone call, I'll have almost twice as much gratitude.


$163 /creation
Admittedly, at this point, I just want to round off to the final power of 2 in the sequence...


$256 /creation
And there we are.  Incidentally, can any of you find a nice proof that this is the last power of 2 in the sequence?