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About 3D63

//_about me

Hi! I'm Andrea, a.k.a 3D63, an independant female composer and sound designer from France.

I do music with Nintendo Gameboys amongst other synths and, to express myself, I created cyber/IA, my musical extensed-universe, drifting between evil corps, hyperactive cities in the middle of wild abandonned lands, and promising hyper-technology for people full of hope for better tomorrows.

//_what I do [or want to do]

After Electric Pawer, my first album entirely self-produced, I'm now working on my next project: composing for others, specially audiovisual productions (videogames, series, movies, etc) while writing the next installment in cyber/IA's musical story in Year-2, my upcoming album.

Beside that, I'm also doing live concerts, workshops and talks, to teach people how to make music with various stuff and to promote a more inclusive and accessible culture for everyone.

I also want to stream things, like reviewing musical stuff and releases, showing my musical process and video tutorials, for those who can't come at my workshops or to explore more complex topics.

//_why helping me?

I'm living on my own as a freelance, and when I'm not commissioned by people who want music, it can be difficult to raise money, specially when I'm working on new stuff for myself or exploring new ideas of workshops, talks or forms of art to express cyber/IA.

It's also a job which depend mostly in your support, so any of it would be appreciated. Doing so will let me buy new stuff to continue this project (and explore new ways to do it), maintain regular live gigs and my website while keeping my music accessible for the most, thanks to you!
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Thanks to you I can try to make a living of my project, meaning more time dedicated to show you the process behind it, and more pure musical creation and exploration times.
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