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Early Bird Brush Warrior

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Thank you so much, and welcome to the Brush Warriors!
  • You will get everything from the Brush Warrior tier (Welcome Package, Monthly Releases,  access to Polls and Discord server); but for a slightly better price.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Includes Discord benefits

Brush Warrior

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    Thank you so much, and welcome to the Brush Warriors!

You will get access to:
  • Monthly reelase (17+ pre-supported models)
  • Welcome Box (12 unique heroes+3 pieces of terrain
  • A set of themed Terrain with each release
  • Cards with awesome flavor text for each Miniature, giving you pieces of the larger narrative we theme our models around.
  • Sculpted Bases for each Miniature.
  • Discount Codes for all of our previous releases!

Permanent Rewards:
  • Weekly Development Updates
  • You will have a direct effect on the releases and the overall narrative! Your voice will determine the fate of our heroes, and what future releases will look like, based on the direction YOU want the story to go!
  • You will be part of our community, and be able to directly access the creative team on our Discord server.

Includes Discord benefits
  • Includes Discord benefits

Early Bird Brush Merchant

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Thank you so much, and welcome to the Brush Merchant!
You will get:
  • Everything under Brush Warrior.
  • You also get a license to print and sell physical copies of the files (but never the files or links!) as long as you stay in this Tier. If you change Tier to a lower one or stop supporting us you immediatly lose this ability. 
The merchant tier is for just the monthly releases and the Welcome Box only.

Includes Discord benefits
  • Includes Discord benefits



About 3dartdigital


Become owners of Outstanding files for 3D printing - RPG, Board & Tabletop Games.

    • Monthly 3D Print Release: September — The Pharsan Satrapies (20 outstanding & pre-supported models) + Set of Themed Terrain (Gates of Suchtin)
    • Welcome Pack (12 unique heroes + 3 pieces of terrain)
    • Three month loyalty reward: Every three months you get new boss.
    • 50% discount code on our MyMiniFactory Store products!
    • Access to Discord, Polls & More

(More info and pics - click here!)

    if you are still not sure!

    🎁 DOWNLOAD (click here) - Pharsan Soldier 🎁

    *Every month, you will get a set of new STL files (themed release chosen by you and the other supporters)

    🔻With this September release, you get:
    • Six Male and Female Cultists with Modular Options (Rank and File, 35MM) - 25mm base
    • Three Ebonartis, Two Male and One Female (Heroes, 35MM) - 25mm base
    • One Ebonarie  (Hero, 35MM) - 25mm base
    • One Shamsheeri (Hero, 35MM) - 25mm base
    • One Lizard Rider (Cavalry, 54MM Height x 138MM Length) - 75x25mm base
    • One Bound Djinn (Monster, 35MM) - 25mm base
    • One Jannisary, Alchemical Werewolf (Monster, 52MM) - 50mm base
    • One Set of Themed Terrain - Gates of Suchtin
    • Sculpted Bases for Each Miniature
    • Cards with awesome text or each miniature.

    PRE-SUPPORTED MODELS: ALL models are pre-supported already!

    As we grow, we will add to our Welcome Package (12 unique heroes+3 pieces of terrain). Currently, it includes:

    ►12 unique heroes, perfect for player characters or unique leaders in wargaming:
    3 pieces of terrain (shown below), perfect to decorate an abandoned town or village for your players, or as unique wargaming terrain!
    We are going to add some things to the Welcome Pack to make it a better deal for you. When you see what we create, we know you will love it!

    Every three CONSECUTIVE months of subscription, you will be eligible for a special loyalty reward only available to our Patrons. Every three consectuive months (so, three, six, nine, twelve, etc.), you will open up a new model!

    First Three-Month Release:
    Planterio the Wing-Harvester, Father of the Corrupted Wood.
    • One Planterio the Wingstearer with Modular Options (Hero, 68 MM)
    • One Fairy Victim (35 MM)
    • Two Sprouting Plants (35 MM)

    He comes with two optional heads, some sprouting vines, and a fairy victim, perfect for creating a frightening scene.

    Planterio is perfect for an archvillain encounter, a plant-themed sorcerer, or as a corrupted treant wizard!

    This model will be available to all patrons who have backed us consecutively for three months.

    🔻50% DISCOUNT СODES FOR OUR STORE (All previous releases)

    You can find our previous releases  here, including models from our highly successful Kickstarter, Survivors of Serath.
    Every month, you will get a special discount code only for patrons! Take advantage of these savings, and pick up any models you missed!

    For each Miniature, giving you pieces of the larger narrative we theme our models around

    We are 3dartdigital! We are an international team of artists and writers with over 20 years of experience between us in the tabletop gaming world. We use this experience and education to bring you the best models possible!

    Sergey Sobol (co-founder) is our Sculptor of Terrain and our Video Editor. His leadership and business sense binds the members of 3dartdigital together.

    Nadyia Sobol is our Public Relations Guru. Her warm personality and friendly attitude makes her perfect for this role.

    Yuliya Gladka (co-founder) is our talented Sculptor and Artist. Her skilled hands touch every character in both the initial design and 3D sculpting.

    Boris Ykhin (co-founder) is our Supervisor and Sculptor. In addition to his extensive sculpting work, Boris handles the testing for our 3D printing.

    Caleb Goodson is our Creative Director. Caleb writes the narrative and text for each release, and provides the overarching vision for each project. He also provides all the voice-overs in our videos.

    Terms and Conditions

    The STL files provided by 3dartdigital are for personal, non-commercial use only! By purchasing, downloading, accessing, or using our STL you agree to the terms and conditions and are bound by its provisions. If you do not accept or agree with these terms, do not download the content we provide. The most important parts of the agreement are listed below. 

    • 3dartdigital is the owner of the STL files. The STL files are a copyrighted work belonging to 3dartdigital.
    • 3dartdigital grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the files.
    • The license allows you to print the STL files for personal, non-commercial use only.
    • You may not sell, share, distribute, rent, or transfer the STL files or the materials that you manufacture.
    • You can resize or cut the contents of the files for personal use. You may not otherwise modify, duplicate, create derivative works of, disassemble, reverse compile or reverse engineer any part. The STL files may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, or displayed.
    • You can't make molds of our models, casting and any kind of mass production is prohibited.
    • You can take photos, make live streams and video with our models (ideally to Paint sessions or Showing 3d printer results) as long as you state that the models had been made by us. In this case, promoting our Patreon page and MyMiniFactory Store would be greatly appreciated!
    • All the previous points apply for who belongs to the Merchant Tiers too, with the exceptions that they have the ability to Sell Prints of our models (not files!) as long as they remain in that Tier. Even here apply the rule that you can't use our files and figures to sell new games, make kickstarters, patreons, or any other crowdfunging project or make casts/molds, selling them in boardgame boxes or similiar.
    • Merchant Tiers: is meant for people running a business on their home printers only and not for any type of mass production. 3dartdigital will reserve the right to determine if you are in compliance and reserves the right to cancel a Merchant License at any time in its sole discretion and refund that month's Merchant Fee as compensation.

780 of 1,000 patrons

When we reach 1000 patrons, everyone will get:
-Lore Guide for Each New Release
-Stat Blocks for the Miniatures
-Options for Character Creation
-Adventure Ideas
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