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Gain access to a Google Drive folder containing all the 3D models on the site, so that you can sync it to your hard drive instead of having to download them all one-by-one.

Plus, it updates automatically with new models as we publish them!
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Early Access

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Not only do you gain access to the main drive folder, but you also get to join a folder that contains all our soon-to-be-published content!

Some of this is models just waiting for their scheduled date a few weeks early, and some of it is WIP assets that aren't completely finished yet.
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Every month you can choose one of our models to stick your name and link next to permanently, just above the download buttons.

You can do this once and then switch down to a lower tier, or keep going as long as you like, your name will stay there permanently and you can add it to another one every month.

Includes all previous rewards.
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3D Model Haven follows in the footsteps of HDRI Haven and Texture Haven, providing 100% free high quality 3D models for everyone.

The internet is getting bigger every day. There are tons of 3D asset stores all around, from large businesses attempting to become your one-stop solution, to independent artists trying to earn a living or just wanting to share their work for free.

This “anyone can do anything” idea is the thing I love most about the internet, but if you’ve ever spent hours trying to find a specific model to use in your project that doesn’t look like it belongs in an early PS2 game, only to be slapped in the face with “non-commercial use only”, “credit the author”, or “do not redistribute”... you know how frustrating it can be.

For 3D Model Haven, we decided to create a resource of high quality curated assets that are 100% free, essentially without copyright or any restrictions whatsoever.

You can use our models for literally anything, commercial or fun, and even share your new creation however you like.

Quality over quantity is key for us, the internet is overflowing with low-effort models already, so it’s our top priority to make sure everything you download from us is perfect and immediately usable no matter what software you use or what type of project you’re working on.

But how can we do all this and still release our work for free, with no license restrictions to protect it?

That’s where you come in :)

If you appreciate what we do and want to help us grow the platform and provide even more assets on 3D Model Haven, even a small donation helps us do that.

How it works:

We don’t sell assets, you won’t gain any additional content by supporting us here. We’ll just give you some small token of thanks, like Google Drive access to help you download our work more easily and automatically receive updates on your own hard drive as we create more models.

All patrons have access to a private Trello board where they can make suggestions and vote on various things like new model ideas..

Payments are made automatically at the beginning of the month. For the lower reward levels, you'll get your reward immediately after signing up (even in the middle of a month). For higher reward levels ($10+) you may have to wait until after the payment has been processed before your reward is fulfilled.

Where your money goes

All donations are used to directly benefit 3D Model Haven, which you can verify yourself from our monthly finance reports.

Once the server costs, software licenses and other regular expenses are covered, the remaining donations are primarily used to publish more models.

Sometimes we need to hire artists to produce assets, or pay them for permission to publish their existing work. Other times we’ll create the assets ourselves, which takes time away from our “real” jobs or other projects.

There are also the more occasional expenses like camera gear for a photoscanning rig or computer upgrades. Whatever it may be, we’ll detail it in our reports and probably make a post about it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or just poke us on Discord :)
$427.64 of $600 per month
Texture Formats & Multiple Downloads

Now we can add even more texture options, like JPG files and EXRs, with the ability to download lower resolution versions of each map if you don't want to use 4K textures for every asset.

Additionally, we'll start improving the website to make it easier to select these options and download everything you need in a single click.
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