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Everyone in the HIGHFIVE CLUB gets access to "After The Five", my after show that I will host after most videos. The goal is to give a behind-the-scenes peek at filming, and how it all went.
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About Joel Telling


First off, thank you for taking the time to read these words. That's incredibly kind of you, and deserving of massive high fives!

Second, producing content for the 3D Printing Nerd channel on YouTube isn't easy, and I don't take the responsibility lightly. More often than not, shooting the footage for videos doesn't happen until everyone else in the house is asleep - meaning most of the time I don't start shooting content until it's close to midnight. Sometimes I don't get to start until after midnight.

Unfortunately, science has yet to discover time travel, and I've yet to get a visit from The Doctor and ask permission to borrow the TARDIS. This means the morning still arrives on schedule, regardless of when I'm able to wrap shooting the previous night.

That schedule is extremely tough, but, I keep going for two very specific reasons:

1). This is my passion. I absolutely love 3d printing, and how it's going to help shape the future. I'm excited to watch as school curriculum adapts to this technology. I'm excited when I see companies announce new products and new breakthroughs. I'm excited to know that my children will grow up in a future where the wonders of this technology aren't even yet conceivable by us.

2). People like what I do. My subscriber count is growing quickly on YouTube, and I get an incredible amount of positive comments. I'm told my videos help, and teach, and provide a method for people to learn. I'm told I have a good voice, and I'm able to convey my thoughts on camera in a way that anyone can understand them. People I do not know end their conversations with me with a high five, and that warms my heart every time.

Funds generated from this Patreon will be put right back into creating better content for this channel. I promise, in no way is contributing to my Patreon required. If you have a few spare dollars a month, and you personally feel the content I create is worth a few dollars a month TO YOU, then I appreciate the support. If my Patreon grows and find this is something many people use, I will start to explore Patreon-only content.

As always, high five!
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With the support of 500 I'll know it's quite serious, and I'll be able to hire a part-time editor and a part-time assistant. This will help get videos out the door, while at the same time, not killing myself in the process with too little sleep and too much time away from my family.
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