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About Watchclicker / 40 and 20


Both founded in 2018, Watch Clicker and 40&20 aim to fill what we think was (and is) a void in popular watch media: information about watches that you may actually be able to afford. In mid 2020, Will of joined forces with the Everett and Andrew of the 40&20 Podcast, combining to meet all of your watch media needs under one (virtual) roof. 

Where Watch Clicker focuses on thorough and honest reviews of wrist watches of every price point, with a strong emphasis on on photography and videography, 40&20 focuses on affordable watches and the brands that make them, the people and personalities in the community, as well as other topics including food, drinks, life, and other things we like. Along with watch reviews and weekly podcasts, other articles are also posted on that cover new releases, op-ed, watch lifestyle and other topics related to watches.


Both 40&20 and have been going since 2018, and both , like so many of these types of projects, started with just a stupid idea, next to no knowledge, and equipment suited for a "dad-hobby".  Now, many months and hours of shooting and recording later, here we are, with a ton more knowledge, better software, and more expensive hardware. 

Nearly every cent spent on BOTH of these projects has come out of our own pockets. When these projects started, we had a tiny budget, and that budget has basically not changed. Up until very recently, every subscription, hosting service, and piece of equipment purchased for the Watch Clicker or 40&20 came out of the same bank accounts that Will, Andrew, and Everett use to buy food for their families, sign up for summer camps for their children, and to save for retirement. That is hardly a burden - this is a labor of love, after all - but it does create a limitation to expanding or increasing the quality of our setup (and - occasionally - to grumpy wives). 


If I were to recite to you the full costs of our hosting services for a website, 1000s of hi-res photos, and near daily website contact, you might say... "well.. that doesn't seem like that much." In truth, it winds up being our primary mandatory expense. Bottom line (and without going in to specifics), hosting costs equal several hundreds of dollars each year that could otherwise be spent on family dinners, kids sports, or movie nights. Your contribution will immediately offset the costs of hosting the podcast and website, and should make our wives and kids happier! We want happy wives and kids - these patient and wonderful women and children never expected us to make money with Watch Clicker or 40&20, but it is a hard-sell to spend their money on it.

2. Better equipment.
Look - it is what it is.  Sometimes we have to buy microphones, lighting, SD cards, or other stuff. We pay for that stuff out of pocket. Eventually, we hope that we are able to use patron funds to be able to offset those costs, and, ultimately, deliver a better product. 

3. Watch events, travel, and... 
Look guys, sky is the limit here. Once upon a time, there were these things called watch shows. Those will come back someday.  We don't yet know what comes from that kind of emphasis, but we promise to always make thoughtful use of your contributions, and to use them toward making 40&20 and Watch Clicker a better and higher quality thing. Whether that is travel to WindUp or to watch meet-ups with brands, and maybe even to you, or simply improved hardware, software, and delivery, we pledge that your contributions will always go towards increasing our ability to bring you a better experience.


Thank you again, for being here. We genuinely appreciate your support, whether its by being a patron or just a listener.  

Will, Andrew, and Everett
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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