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Unbound creativity is messy. Punctuation brings structure. Without punctuation orchestrating ideas, it would be hard to complete a thought. Timing is everything. 




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About 44from26

44 from 26 is a family owned and operated media experiment, creating high-quality entertainment. Our first project, Return of the Birds, is a long-form, serialized audiobook podcast of John Burroughs's Wake-Robin.

First published in 1871, Wake-Robin is a detailed nature study of various birds’ northern migration in the spring.

I found Wake-Robin being ignored in the public domain. Burroughs’s playful personifications bring the birds alive and off the page. Working with the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, we wove dozens of field recordings of bird vocalizations into the narration to take these many remarkable pieces truly delightful and wholly unexpected.

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We're figuring this out as we go. But we're really excited to get started. 

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