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About 4everVernice

Hi I’m Vernice and my mission is creating healthier and wealthier people with every blog post, book, class, workshop, retreat, event and visitation. I want to help myself and others live healthier and wealthier lives.

I started 4everVernice.blog to be a health and wealth influencer using the best book ever written- the Bible. I’m trusting God to meet me where I am to take me to the place where I need to be so I can effectively do His will. Since God told me “to help the hurting,” I believe God wants me to be like the good Samaritan mentioned in Luke 10:30-37. God wants me to have compassion for the wounded, help bound up their wounds so they can receive healing and blessings.

It has taken me over 1,000 hours and 6 months to write the 13 Faith and Fit 90 workbooks and its related blog posts. I am averaging 60+/hour work week, because I have more time than money and so much needs to be done. Although I loved my work, I really need for it to be self-sustaining, because I want to continue this mission for a long time. Right now I am using affiliate links for self-sustainability. Although they are helpful, it is not enough to be self-sustaining. That’s why I’m starting to incorporate other methods such as product reviews, an online store and Patreon membership of $1 or more a month for better self-sustainability.

The sustainability goal is $15,000/month. This amount should be enough to keep my blog, books, classes, workshops, retreats, events and visitations going. Below are the associated costs of my health and wealth ministry:

  • Transportation
  • Insurance, Permits and License
  • Private Sessions for sick and shut-ins
  • Website Hosting
  • Audio/Visual
  • Web and Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Venue rental for retreat, classes, workshops and events
  • Meals served at retreats and workshops
  • Marketing and Registration Fees
  • Training and Education
  • Me
  • Hired Help

$15,000 would help me cover the basics of what is needed of my Health and Wealth ministry.

If you decide to be a support, Thank You!

Live Healthier and Wealthier, 
- 4everVernice
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When I reach $1,500, I'll start a special of giving 10 free private session to sick and shut in.
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