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About Lo Que Yo Se (What I Know) by La Doña Lily Be

I have been sharing stories on a mic for almost ten years. I have been sharing stories my entire life. 
This Patreon page is to help me take those stories and turn them into pieces of work. 
I am a self-taught artist. I do not hold ANY degree in ANY art. However, that hasn't stopped me from doing what artists do, create. 
I have performed on stages all over Chicago and beyond. From small storefront theaters to the Steppenwolf. Cafe to cabaret. Basement recording studios to professional radio stations. Around the country and internationally. 
Before I was an artist, I was a big supporter of the arts. I was a teen mom, and because I was, I could only go out and support. I couldn't do more than that. 
I took my son to shows and art galleries, I spent time at art centers with my nephews, and I would go out and night and watch poets and writers read at cafes and bars. 
Dancers, DJs, filmmakers, and musicians all over the city would all get my support. There was not a nook or cranny in the city I would not travel to to support and take in the arts. 
Now that I am an artist. I want to fill a room with supporters for other self-taught artists. 
I want to feed them all tacos y tamales. 
I want to continue creating work that gives the have nots hope. 
I want to start a non-profit, so I can help kids from where I am from learn to be proud of where they are from by owning their story. I want it to be someone like them to show them that. 
I want to be a philanthropic billionaire so that every dime get one day goes back to the communities that inspired me to start creating when I wanted to die in 2010. 
I'm only asking for a dollar. If you can and want to give more, great. Whatever you provide will be enough, because I have learned to make anything and everything I get enough. Thanks. 

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