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Mark Hinkle

GM 6.5 Diesel Performance, Durability, and Maintenance how-to's

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So you're a newbie, a gasser climbing into the big boy pants and just want to see if they fit. This level will help get you there. I get it, we were all there once and you have to start somewhere!

  • APPRECIATION: Every little bit helps and I thank you. I'm serious about helping the next guy to keep his rig running and you help make that possible.
  • PERSONAL THANK YOU: I'll send you a personal thank you for helping to make all this possible.
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    Who needs Facebook? Here you'll find only respectful, informative people who come together to help each other out. That and a little bit of craziness.
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Role No Coal

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Now you're cooking with gas, er... diesel. You know that black at the tail pipe isn't good for these trucks. You've been at this a while and want to see more!
  • CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: See your name in lights! I truly thank you and show you in the credits of videos and articles by naming you personally as the reason this quality content is even here.

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You're the person who could teach me a thing or two about these rigs. You know them and you've hauled heavy without burning her up!
  • YOU'RE THE MASTER, GET A PRODUCERS CREDIT: Be involved in the next project by offering advice and ideas with a producers credit in the article itself that you are part of. After all, that's why we're here, to help the next guy and you all know way more about these trucks than I do, I just have the forum to get that info out there...
    I guess we make a great team.



About Mark Hinkle

Welp, here I am panhandling for money. But it's not some lame crowd funding attempt to pay my bills (necessarily), I actually want to be able to give more to you guys. I have a history of creating a few web sites but I wanted to make one about something that I simply enjoy doing, working on my GM 6.5 turbo diesel.
BUT, I wanted it to revolve around how I could help you learn what has taken me years to learn and help you avoid the problems that I have had to work through. How-to's, product testing, proper tools, everything that I can think of that will help you keep your truck running for your business or daily driver right in your own garage. But truthfully, I can use some help.
You see, every article written, every part I show you how to put on, every test done, and every video made at I do myself and takes a lot of time and money. Sometimes I can only manage to do one article a year. But if I could justify the cost, I could do way more for you. So with your help, we could get a lot more information out there about our trucks. One example of an article that could save you more money than a subscription would cost you here is the recent cooling comparison I did on the Champion radiator.
Long Term, I'd like to:
  • Work towards creating a 6.5 only drag day and other events for everyone to enjoy.
  • With extra help, I could finish a race motor and show you how it goes from big ball of rust to drag motor and bring you along the whole way. 
  • If we raise enough funds, I can bring that truck to events around the U.S. to meet all of you!
  • And for really, really long term, How would you like free access to a quality dyno for our trucks? If I can reach $5000/month, I will be able to build a shop with a dyno that I will give free access to any of my patrons of $50 and up to dyno their trucks!

One great thing about Patreon is that even $1 a month helps and whichever level you choose, some cool rewards come along with it. Thanks for checking out my Patreon!
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Reaching $500 a month will allow me to get an actual camera for better quality video. It will also free up my phone for video chats for you guys who want to be executive producers and work with me on projects. How cool is that? Technology these days allows several people all over the world to work on hot rods... I love it!
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