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About 69Pixelz

Creating since 2015. I stumbled into pixel art by accident and at one point just started posting gifs,pngs on twitter then out of nowhere I started gaining followers up until one day i had 100k+. At one point my Twitter account got locked because I added my birthdate and supposedly wasn't of age when I first created my account. It was on my birthday and I had about 160k followers. Since then my sales plummeted and I had the worst year ever. I never thought I would get it back but I did a year later. I'm still trying to recover till this day. My whole life changed, I lost my apartment, I lost my car, and even my girlfriend of two years. I was depressed and suicidal for so long, if you view my Instagram it shows. But i've remained positive and since retrieving my twitter account it gave me some hope for the future. Thanks to everyone that has supported me throughout the years. I've really showed you guys my life through pixelz.