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About 6 Dragons Kung Fu from WHITE to BLACK BELT Course


Hi, I am nothing.
I am Master Kongling, founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu and I'm honored to share with you:

  • Fighting techniques (Chin Na, trapping, striking, etc.)
  • Training methods (exercises, conditioning, best practices, etc.)
  • Combat tactics (self-defense, fighting tips, how to create your own style, etc.)
  • How to attain real martial skills (no tricks, no shortcuts, the right path)

The result of a life of discipline
- It is not wrong to say that you are about to discover all of my "secrets", everything that I have learned in years and years of: practice (4-7 hours per day), study (private lessons with Grandmasters, full courses, etc.) and martial confrontations (with a lot of different styles of Kung Fu but also with MMA, Kudo, Krav Maga, BJJ, Silat and much more).

Why am I doing this? - My dream has always been to share Kung Fu with those who cannot access to a qualified path. I do this in 2 ways: for free with my daily tutorials and here with this course (for those who want to rapidly reach the highest level). In any case, all of this is made possible by you, you are helping those who cannot afford it.

Why become a Patreon and follow this course? - You will get immediate access to all the private contents and by e-mail, you will receive your first lesson and training! But most of all, you motivate me to share more and better.

A dedicated tutor - A dedicated tutor will follow your improvements and when you will reach the black belt, you will know that it will be for real and deserved.

Thank you for your discipline, preparation and concentration.
SUBSCRIBE: your legend starts now...

Good practice,
Master Kongling

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 274 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 274 exclusive posts

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