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Hello, my name's Graham and I'm interested in how we run things in the future, in a way that's sustainable and human. My two current interests are working out how to use basic solar power to run a USB 'ecosystem' - smartphones, watches, etc - and how to bring more Eastern philosophy (taoism in particular, but not exclusively) to Western culture.

I feel like this is the time we need creative curiosity the most - to be able to explore new and old ways and ideas, and to learn from each other as much as possible, to be able to adapt as fast as possible. Things are going to change quickly over the next 10 years, and there's no point waiting until it's too late to learn this stuff.

Donations will be used to cover costs for running projects - hardware for exploring solar power, hosting costs, books for the PaperGoat project, and any new ideas that come up.

I can be found in various places, and am always up for discussion, questions, ideas and contact:

Solarpunk blog:
Taopunk efforts:
Other feeds:

Thanks for reading.

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