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At this level, you help to make the little things possible.

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It may be an ad on social media, a plane ticket to a political event, or another month of website upkeep. 

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Insights into how 71 Republic runs behind the scenes with video content that showcases the creative discussion and potential behind our work. These video updates will come once a month.

As a $1 donor, otherwise known as a "Journalist," you'll also get to join our exclusive donor club on Patreon, which we affectionately call "The Republic."

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A steady cash flow to support original reporting, equipment purchases, and multimedia production. 

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71 Republic is a free speech platform at its core, which is why we will send you a free 71 Republic pen for your first month of donation. Use this pen to write your story. It can be a personal anecdote, report about something happening your area, or just your opinion on something happening in the world. 

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Extra funding to support our ambitious goals for growth and expansion.

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71 Republic is a new wave of journalism adding color to today's bleak media landscape. Show your stripes with fresh and classy 71 Republic shades.

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About 71 Republic

Who are we, and why do we need you to help us?

71 Republic is one of the fastest-growing independent political news organizations in the country. Launched in June of 2017, the company is a haven for independent journalism, featuring voices that span the political spectrum. Our work has been shared by Jordan Peterson, Glenn Beck, John McAfee, Austin Petersen, Silvio Schembri, and Lew Rockwell, amongst others.

The company was founded by CEO Matthew Geiger and COO Mason Mohon. Today, 71 Republic publishes content from dozens of writers across the world.

71 Republic covers a diverse range of content, including political debates, breaking news, candidate interviews, cryptocurrency, economics, third-party news, and more. Our work seeks to disrupt the corporate media, allowing for independent reporting and honest, factual opinions to become mainstream once again. 

Our staff is comprised almost entirely of the next generation, with most of our writers aged between 13 and 21. The youth of the company provides a unique insight and intuition into today's most pressing issues not displayed in mainstream media.

However, our age also serves as a handicap. Very few of our staff members have other sources of income to funnel into 71 Republic's account, leaving the company relatively strapped for cash.

This is where you come into play. Whether you donate just $1 or $71 a month, you will be funding the next generation, and providing us with a springboard to end the brain-drain in today's media climate.

What will we do with your money?

Every donation we receive, no matter how large or small, will be used to grow our platform and spread our message of free speech and quality journalism.

First and foremost, donations will be used to pay for our mandatory expenses. This includes the cost of our website, domain name, and taxes.

After we cover our basic costs, we will begin to expand our content. Currently, 71 Republic provides written articles on a daily basis, but with your donations, we will be able to add podcasts, video interviews, field reporting, and/or print media to our arsenal of services.

Your donations, in addition to expanding our content, will provide us with the money to effectively market our message, allowing us to reach more individuals.

What's in it for you?

In addition to funding our company, you will receive many rewards and benefits, depending on the size of your donation.

For smaller donations, you will gain exclusive access to much of our "behind the scenes" work, granting you a front row seat to the revolution in modern media. 

For larger donations, you will receive everything that smaller donors have access to, as well as the following:
  • Firsthand access to future 71 Republic merchandise
  • An awesome pair of 71 Republic shades or custom made pen
  • Monthly phone calls with the leaders of 71 Republic
  • Credit in future projects/materials

We would like to graciously thank any and all donors for your kind and generous support, and assure your donation will help fund the future of free and independent media.

We hope that you will join us in our quest to Reinvent Journalism.

Some of our best work can be found below:
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If 71 Republic is able to receive just $50 a month, we will be able to afford all of our bills, without having to worry about paying out of pocket expenses to keep the site up and running. This will allow us to focus our other monetary resources towards expanding the company.
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