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About 730DC

You know that we are a daily email newsletter that connects Washingtonians to their city, to its communities, and to one another. We've had an amazing first five years, and we want to be able to give you more—more original writing, more events, more connection.

We rely on sponsors to pay our ragtag team of awesome contributors, but after the costs of things like Mailchimp, web hosting, and promotional materials, we need new resources to expand what we do. More importantly, we’d like our readers to be the real stakeholders as we grow. Which leads us to...

Check out our new Patreon and sign up to support us! Pledging a couple bucks a month makes a huge difference for an independent media project. In order to create, deliver, and expand 730DC, we need your support.

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  • launch our online store with merch you’ll want to wear
  • host more reader engagement events so you can meet your neighbors in real life and build a kinder, more connected city

It means one-off side projects (zines! music showcases!) can be more regular. It means room for risk. And it means straight up paying people for the labor and love they put into this 
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