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It's said that demons vanished...
That the livings managed to exterminate them.
However...it's what they say...


🔺  What is 7Deadly?  🔺
7Deadly is a webcomic written and drawn by Ryuuki, with the help of Mike, creator of the comic Reversed, which I helped to develop as well. The comic has been published since 2017, usually updating a page once a month and is publicly released on Saturdays.

< Read it on: TumblrWebToonTapastic >

🔺  Why support the 7Deadly🔺
7Deadly is an old project I've been working on since around 2012, that finally turn it into a webcomic. It is such a great archievement for me and, the more I work with it the more I see that I want to give all my energy to this series!

I really want to focus more on it, make pages with more frequency, more illustration and, as a stretch goal, make some merch for it!

🔺  What supporters have by pledge to the 7Deadly?  🔺
You become the fuel to keep this comic going! But not only this, of course! You will have access to any materia related to the 7Deadly, everything in full resolution! Without mention the stretch goals of montly rewards that supporters will have the chance to pick and vote, as well as future physical merch, like stickers, prints and even a printed version of the comic (one can dream)!!

🔺  Why is 7Deadly flagged as NSFW?  🔺
This comic will contain violence, swearing and possibly have tasteful nudity and a few sexual scenes (everything will be properly tagged). As much as it won't be the focus of the comic I want to follow Patreon's rules and keep it all working accordly to it, but also make sure all supporters have a safe and enjoyable reading.


I'd love to thank you!! Knowing that you read and enjoy my comic brings me such a great joy. I hope I can keep it as far as I have story to cover.
$2.79 of $50 per month
Thank you so much for support the 7Deadly!
Patrons will have the chance to suggest and vote on monthly themes! Once it's picked I'll work on a exclusive illustration featuring the chosen character!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts

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