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Who Am I?

I'm a young game developer working mostly in Unity, with knowledge primarily in C# and C++.
I've created a few projects, you can find them on my portfolio on my website!

I graduated from college in October of 2017, and I currently have a day job, but enjoy making games in my spare time! I'm both working on personal projects and in teams with others!

What Is This About Tutorials?

In my free time I've been working on creating a series of C# tutorials aimed at absolute beginners. They go over all the basic concepts from variables, to functions, to classes and more. They're still a work in progress, and I plan to go over a variety of subjects as time goes on. For these tutorials I'm specifically trying to encourage the reader to learn how to do their own research also.
I go over the basics, but I leave a lot of terms and subjects up to the reader to google, and I state this in the tutorial. I try to use minimal code as to try to avoid people just copy-pasting code and not learning as much. Learning to research your own specific information is a very important skill that these tutorials hopefully encourage.
You can check out what I currently have for those here.

What've You Already Made?

Only a couple projects so far, I'm pretty early in my game development career. Here are the most important ones:

So... Why Should I Support You on Patreon?

It helps me make more games! If you like any of the content you've seen, or that I'm currently working on, supporting me is a great way to help me continue doing so! It helps to get work done along with getting better art, music, etc.

You'll gain access to any new tutorials I write earlier through a private link here additionally.
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At $200 a month, I will begin weekly development live streams, working on my current projects on Twitch and Youtube, and answering community programming/game questions.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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