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  • A Dagger's damage may be but a humble d4, but a 1$ donation is nearly 1000x more support than we get from ad saturation!  We'll thank you at the end of every episode with your name in the "Daggers" credits.
  • All patrons of Dagger Level or higher receive access to our private Discord Server.
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Spear - 1D6
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  • You've raised your spear in defense of our nation, and stand to defend the motherland.  We'll read the names of every warrior who backs us at this tier at the end of our fully produced shows (Roleplay Roulette, and Film Inflicted Trauma.  More shows will be added to this list in the future!)
  • Additionally, you'll enjoy the benefits of all lower tiers!
Includes Discord benefits
Longsword - 1D8
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  • Thou place'st on our shoulders thy station's blade, and bid us rise thine loyal knights.  Your name as a Longsword Producer next to our crew credits.
  • You will also hear your name read aloud under the same circumstances as the the D6 reward :)
  • You'll be invited to monthly meet-n-greets where you can chat with the 7RP crew and asks us questions!
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per creation


Greetings, Gamers and Cinephiles!  Fox, Jay, and Johnny here to thank you very much for your interest.  
7 Realms Productions is dedicated to entertaining you with video humor about games, movies, and television.  If you like roleplaying and board games, you'll love our shows Roleplay Roulette, and Oldplay Roulette.  If you love video games, you'll love our Let's Plays, review Vlogs, and live streams that we perform on Twitch!  If you like movies and television, you'll like our entertainment Vlogs, and our review show, Film Inflicted Trauma.  

What Will We Do With Your Hard Earned Dollars?
All money gathered through Patreon will go towards upgrading our equipment, replacing broken microphones, lighting a fire under our butts to get the work done.  Your support lets us know that people are watching, and helps make it so that the cost of production is not a total loss for us.

So What Do YOU Get Out of This?
First and foremost, backers will be able to tell us what they want to see and we'll focus on those shows first.  We can't always produce all the content we want so we'll prioritize the products that our loyal supporters prefer.  

We're currently offering three reward tiers for differing levels of support.  You'll get your names in our credits.  The prominence of your credit is tied to the level of support you're happy with!  We are working on additional rewards, and as our resources increase, we'll increase the return that our supporters enjoy.  We hope to offer merchandise, exclusive content, and even roleplaying games ran by the 7RP team to our supporters!

How Often Can You Expect A Video?
While we have our method set to "per creation," our current model is to only charge for one video per month.  This is currently set to our Roleplay Roulette review as it is our most popular show, and is far more heavily produced than the others.  Occassionally, we release two RPR episodes in a month.  If this happens, we will only charge for one, for the time being.  If we reach our goal, and are able to put skits back into their production, we'll have to change our model a bit, but this will be advertised well ahead of time and tempered by supporter survey.

Our intention is to release one Roleplay Roulette, one Film Inflicted Trauma, one Oldplay Roulette per month and a Vlog out at least once a week.  This won't always be possible due to our limited time and resources.  Let's Plays are our least popular show so they'll be released as we can.  This could change based on supporter surveys.  We want to provide our supporters with the best possible experience and that means taking your wants and needs into account.

Once again, thank you for your interest!

The 7RP Gang:

Fox Winter,
and Jay Random
$5 of $60 per creation
For our first meager goal, Fox has promised to put together a Supporter Shout Out show every month.  All supporters will get to write a brief shout out, and we'll read it on the channel.  This video will never be monetized because you will all have already funded it.  

Shout outs will be subject to approval.  We'll communicate quickly with everyone involved in order insure that all submissions will make it in.  Keep it clean, everybody!
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