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About 82 DK

The 82nd Dread Korps of Krieg is a group based on Warhammer 40Ks Death Korps of Krieg (If you don't know about the lore that is no problem!). We specialize in large Operations and deal with all four raw foundations of Foxhole (Building, Logistics, Support & Infantry) - Our infrastructure has extra battalions off these core foundations to give every player a feel for all types of warfare Foxhole offers. We have a large amount highly organized / Driven & loyal players that will welcome all Wardens to join our Death Korp We are currently one of the largest foxhole based clan and have multiple roles for individuals to achieve to.
Also our diverse community will provide a good group to play other games with as well as to converse with.
Our Officer core have thousands of hours of experience under their belt, that can answer all your questions.
If you are seeking a challenge and want to test yourself, we are the group for you.
The Emperor Protects, Numquam retro, Numquam dedite.

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