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About 866 DYKE DRAMA

All too often, gay community spaces are out of reach. Spaces for queer women and non-binary people are particularly hard to find. Lesbian bars are closing, dance halls are shutting down and clubs and social events remain inaccessible for many. Even before COVID-19, spaces for gay women are few and far in between. I was so tired of scrolling through social media to find gay community. I wanted something different.
So I started 866-DYKE DRAMA.

866 DYKE DRAMA aims to build community through anonymous voicemails, encouraging emotional vulnerability and connection. Inspired by 1970s lesbian feminist hotlines, local gay community newsletters, telemarketing and the early internet, DYKE DRAMA is the only non-emergency gay hotline in the US (that isnt for... exclusively erotic purposes.) It is also unique in that it is entirely decentralized and user-driven, as all content comes directly from callers. It’s digital, yet analog, communal but anonymous.

While working on this project I was amazed by the feedback and support I received both online and in person. Complete strangers talked shop with me, left sweet encouraging voicemails and offered so much helpful advice. I’ve always struggled with asking for help, but now I need yours.

LGBT resources have a tendency to be short-term projects. To sustain this project for the long run, I'm turning to community support. Yearly costs run close to $1000, so I will be funding this through patreon and merch.

My yearly operating costs are:
Wix 216
Zapier 239
Podcast.co 264
Phone fees ~260
total 980.7

This is a project of love. I can fund this for a year or two, but I can’t make it a long-term resource without your help.


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