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87 Bedford is a literary short story magazine and online curator of creative content. We publish excellent, beautifully-written, and interesting original fiction between 500 to 8,000 words from new and veteran writers. We also publish vibrant poetry (both prose and spoken-word), creative art and photography, and other kinds of compelling and imaginative digital media.

"What makes 87 Bedford different...
 all the other awesome, online magazines I already support?"

Two features distinguish us from many of the other superb literary journals that you read and love.

Firstly, we enjoy stories with a literary bent as much as we enjoy genres, both standard and strange. The stories we have published - from the most authentically realist to the most wondrously speculative - reflect our open aesthetic and our appreciation for the special craft required to meld entertainment and art into a captivating narrative. We are committed to publishing the very best fiction from wherever it can be found.

Secondly, we publish on a rolling basis. This isn't an excuse for us to be slackers. Quite the opposite, in our most prolific month, we've published two full-length stories, a flash fiction piece, two poems, and a book review. Generally, we aim to publish as often and quickly as we can while still maintaining consistent content quality. One of the greatest privileges about being an online publication is the ease in which we can experiment and optimize, and having the freedom to break from traditional publication models grants us the ability to swiftly deliver content to you.

Lastly, when we began 87 Bedford as a work of passion i.e. something we're happy to do without pay, we decided that professional authors deserve to be compensated for their work and passion. We’re very proud to have been able to compensate all our contributors to date, and it would mean so much to us to be able to keep doing so, and continue providing all our content for free to our readers. We could really use your support in order to stay true to our vision!

"Sounds wonderful! How can I help?"

Any amount of contribution is appreciated! We make sure that all proceeds go toward compensating creators and to the upkeep of the website. But even if you can't contribute today, please share about us with your friends, family, and social media followers. We are extremely grateful for your support!

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