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About 8-Bit Mullet

Hi! DJ 8-Bit Mullet here. You might remember me from such shows as MAGLabs, Game Over Richmond, Rockage, and Pixel Fest. I'm a DJ, producer, and turntablist whose favorite thing to do is remix retro video game, TV, and movie themes into new creations, often mashing them with music and vocals from my favorite hip-hop artists. 

The Mullet Mashup
is my new podcast and livestream. Each week, you can watch me DJing the best remixes from around the web live on Twitch while my buddy plays retro video games. Then, I release a themed portion of it mix as a 30+ minute podcast episode on iTunesSoundcloud, & Youtube, like this:

I also release several themed mixtapes per year, such as this one based entirely off music from the game Bad Dudes, mashed with retro songs:

All of my work is available for free, so as many people as possible can hear and enjoy it. My financial goal is simple...break even! My ongoing costs include: podcast & website hosting, loops & samples, mastering, artwork, Soundcloud, and other costs like the occasional boosted post to share my music. 

I'm also saving up for a new DJ controller that will help me to blend 4 tracks at once and get more professional gigs, to fund even more new music! So to cover all this, and to have fun making new remixes just for you along the way, I've created this Patreon campaign.

What do you get for being a sponsor?

I'm looking for sponsors who will pledge a certain amount for each new weekly podcast episode. Depending on your pledge level, you will get:

  • Download new episodes, remixes, and mixtapes before anyone else! 
  • Have access to Patreon-Only posts!
  • Get a shout-out from me on Twitter!
  • Sneak previews of what I'm working on and see my creative process behind the scenes, 
  • A Twitter follow!
  • Random remixes or videos of me in action!
  • Your name showcased in my Top Sponsors list!
  • Your very own 8-Bit Mullet T-Shirt and autographed CD!
  • A brand new remix of any video game, TV show, or movie, just for you!

Let's Do This!

If you love hearing the sweet sounds of the past in a new way, check out the rewards and see which pledge level is right for you. You can always change it later. Any questions? Just ask.

$11 of $15 per release
Rise From Your Grave - When pledges reach $15 per episode, The Mullet Mashup podcast will cover its production & hosting costs and be self-sustaining! 
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