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        About Janitor Dave

        Howdy, fellow vault dwellers!

        So I'm at the stage where I'm making a Patreon. Well, where to begin...

        I'm a mod creator and graphic designer. I made a couple crappy player models for GTA Vice City back in the day, the real crown jewel of my portfolio; so many hours spent in various 3D editors just to get those working. I also do racing designs, mostly NASCAR designs but I'm flexible.

        Oh, of course, I made that Washington's Malevolence thing, that's not that big of a deal though.

        I guess you could say I'm doing this just for the heck of it; I'm not really expecting much here. This is more of a "in case you want to" kind of thing.

        If you want to see more before deciding to become a Patron, feel free to check out the web site!
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        This level of funding would enable me to focus more on 924CW and crank out content quicker. I basically don't ever expect to hit this goal.
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