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95Percent creates easy-to-understand whitepapers on complex, technical topics. Our standard is simple. After you've read a 95Percent paper, you should understand that paper's topic better than 95% of others. We hope to inspire you to go out and learn more.

Our papers summarize and offer a point-of-view on a wide range of topics. We don't write short puff pieces or clickbait: we write end-to-end papers. We always assume our reader has no prior knowledge or expertise. We mainly focus on topics from Technology, Science, Business and Policy. We collaborate with domain experts to produce each paper and publish our papers at 95percent.io

In the past, we simplified topics and wrote papers for our employer. We got really good at it, and soon started simplifying topics for other private entities. Effective January 2018, we share all papers with the public on 95percent.io. Our first public paper focuses on Blockchain Technology. If the community responds positively, we will continue to publicly research, write, and publish papers on the long-list of topics in our backlog

Support us, and we'll keep writing. Upcoming topics include: Freudian Psychology, Cryptocoin Investments, Identity Politics, First Principles, Cognitive Dissonance, Becoming Brilliant, and Human Mating.

If you support our mission, please donate to our patreon. Please recommend topics so we know what you'd like us to write about. We consider requests from patreon backers before all others =). You can always email us to collaborate at [email protected]

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95Percent will release our first paper when we reach $50 in donations per month. [Completed: Blockchain Technology released Jan 2018]. 
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