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Pitch Black Serenade's first supporters! Since 2018!

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Thank you so much for your support! ヽ( ・∀・*)ノ This is the Basic Level to get access to the development log of Pitch Black Serenade and its art. This is exactly what you're going to get by pledging 3$/month:

✦ 1 work-in-progress of PBS's illustrations 
✦ 1 printable content (poster, bromide, etc.)
✦ 1 Yonkoma manga with PBS's characters 
✦ 1 art, video, editing tutorials 

And exclusive access to posts that contain:

✦ Colored character sheets; concept art for characters and backgrounds; devlogs; exclusive polls.

And don't forget 👇(* _ω_)✧

✦ With every pledge you earn 3$ that you can use to buy Pitch Black Serenade's merchandise.
Includes Discord benefits

Basic Plus

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Thank you so much for your support! It's getting luxurious, as Kairi likes! ( o´ノωノ`o*) This is the Basic Plus Tier, and will give you access to further art contents! This is exactly what you're going to get by pledging 5$/month:

✧ Everything listed in the Basic Tier
✧ 1 A4/ A3 printable poster or 2L-size printable bromide 
✧ 1 Photoshop file of an illustration, complete with all layers

And don't forget 👇(* _ω_)✧

✧ With every pledge you earn 5$ that you can use to buy Pitch Black Serenade's merchandise.
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Play the demo on Itch.io
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Welcome! Thank you for your visit! 💗
⚠️ INFO: The 1$ tier is sold out! Please consider joining for 3$ + taxes ⚠️

📢 Refer to this page to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the development of Pitch Black Serenade, a PC adventure game for girls! Thanks to Patrons and fans' support, a new free demo will be published in 2021 Q1-Q2!

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Every three months of pledging, patrons receive one colored star in their email box! 🌟
All the money pledged here can be used to buy PBS's merchandise.

■ Patrons with colored stars get up to 40% discount on illustration commissions by Pitch Black Serenade's artist! Check out the link below for details ☟

PBS's first digital artbook is out! 🎀 Use your pledge credit to purchase it! ☟
$26.79 of $50 per month
Goods: Posters/Bromides for everyone! 🎉
  • Every month I will print a poster or a bromide and, freely, ship it to all Patrons! 

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