is creating anarchy minecraft
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 - Permanent access to the @Donors role on discord 

- Access to donor-general and minecraft-relay, allowing you to chat with the server when not playing Minecraft

 - Access to colored signs with the & symbol while a patreon

 - One block for a sign or banner of your choice in the hub while a patreon
- The ability to set a server message of the day in rotation while a patreon  (no offensive language or advertising other servers) 

Please contact @Neo on discord to assign your perks.

Includes Discord rewards




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About 9b6t

9b6t.eu is an anarchy minecraft server set up July 1st, 2019. We have had over 700 unique players with a map size of over 33,000MB in the first month since launch. We are now taking donations to cover the cost of our servers and server hardware.

Check out 9b6t.eu in minecraft today or join the discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/shyfaBu.
$0 of $30 per month
The current server monthly cost is covered and we can now focus on buying new hardware for the expanding userbase.
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