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("Angelo" André Boris Schin Napoleon Pihera)

Hi, I‘m ABSNP, your favourite strange artist=)
Welcome to my Patreon page!
If you are here, you probably enjoyed my art somewhere and craved for some more...
That‘s awesome! Feel free to look around and discover my world!
But beware: my art can be psychedelic, explicit, have a sexual vibe or a grim touch. At the same time it can be silly, soft and full of butterflies too… Just like myself!

If you like what you see, become my patron and support me on my journey to being a full time artist! Unlock exclusive posts, get updates on new Artwork, upcoming Events, Sweepstakes, Merchandising and much more!
Also, have a glimpse at the goals I hope to achieve with your support!
Lets work together on making our lives a little bit more peculiar and a lot more colourful!

Stay true to yourself!

Support me on Instagram:

Like my page on Facebook:
You can find more my art there:

My poetry book about sex:
"GEIL GEIL GEIL" by ABSNP (released on: Marianne Leim Verlag)
(It's in german.)

...because I am not very good in describing myself or my work, I had to hire somebody to write this last part for me:

ABSNP was born in 1979 and grew up between Frankfurt and Hamburg. He graduated in communication design at the Technical Art College in Hamburg, which is also his today's home of choice.

The half Korean, half German artist draws and paints ever since he has been old enough to hold a pencil. He got into the Graffiti scene in his early teens and began tattooing with the age of 33.

His style can only roughly be classified as a funky mix of dirty psychedelic pop-surrealism and comic cartoon art, often “slightly“ over the top and offensively overloaded with sexual symbolism. It may seem raw and retro at first, just to be quickly superseded by rampant details, finesse and playful hidden elements that ultimately render the painting its final statement.
Every painting takes the observer on a wonderful and also somewhat disturbing journey through ABSNP's twisted subconscious. Unquestionably extremely colorful and amusing, but also (self)critical, frightening or sad at the same time.
As diverse and multifaceted as his paintings, are also the materials and techniques, that he employs.
In order to express his provocative thoughts, the ruthlessly honest anti-hero, makes use of ballpoint pens, permanent markers, spray cans, acrylic, pencil, aquarell and tattoo machines, relentlessly modeling any imaginable surface to his idea.
From paper, carton, canvas, skin, clothing, walls, cars, common household items to cigarette packs or beer cans: anything turns into a piece of art.
There are no boundaries to his need to express himself and to set things in motion. In addition to his various artistic activities, he is also dedicated to the eloquent arts.

He wrote books such as „Geil Geil Geil“ and „Tr!p – die menschliche Komödie“ - so far only published in german.
As to expect, his books aren't any less socio-critical then his paintings. They don't miss out on an opportunity to confront the reader with a variety of taboos that most people would certainly had preferred to leave untouched, hereby achieving the ultimate objective of art: to compel the reader to reflect and to question his environment.

Thanks to many ups and downs ABSNP is nowadays a self confident and stable personality, well established as an artist. His style has also become more defined and steady in its manner. He spices up his life with wit and humor, unvarnished honesty and a pinch of sarcasm. The entertaining rascal is a walking piece of art himself and his paintings and books are becoming popular must-haves among his many fans.

(“Fuck you, I am an Artist!!”)
$64 of $100 per month
Okay. This Patreon thing is getting serious.
Once I reach a Benjamin a month, I will create a drawing of Benjamin Franklin especially for you(the guy printed on the $100 Dollar bill). Patrons will have the option to download and print the Artwork from a PDF Document.
And I'll do my very first Q&A Session. All my patrons can ask me questions which I'll answer.

Okay. Patreon wird langsam ernst.
Wenn ich 100$ im Monat einnehme, mache ich eine Benjamin Franklin Zeichnung speziell nur für Euch. Unterstützer können diese dann als PDF Dokument runterladen und selber ausdrucken.
Und ich starte meine erste Q&A Runde. Alle Unterstützer können mir fragen stellen, die ich beantworten werde.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts
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