ADDA-The Adult Double Dutch Association

is creating A membership base network for adult double dutch street jumpers
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I'm a supporter
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I love the sport and wish to support ADDA's efforts to keep it alive!

*Please note that most of your contributions will support our youth league, International Double Dutch League and their upcoming tournaments.  

Nov 27, 2019- Turkey Bowl- Brooklyn, NY

Dec 15- Toy Drive/Tournament (TBA) 

Feb 22- AfroJump

April- IDDL-Africa Launch

June- Tournament of Champs

Bronze Ropers
per month

You are an old skool street jumper who want to get with some friends a few times per week for exercise. You may be interested in learning some new moves or even hire one of our expert trainers

Your membership include:

  • Exclusive double dutch videos
  • discounted register fees for competitions
  • 1 expert training per yr (minimum of 10 ADDA members)
  • Free rule book 
  • Free admission to attend 3 youth and or adult competitions at no additional cost 

Coach's Corner
per month

This  tier is for new and seasoned coaches looking to strengthen their teams, learn new techniques, develop thier coaching skills, fundraising tips and more. 

Your benefits include:

  • Coach's training
  • Rule Book 
  • team set up
  • how-to videos
  • insurance 
  • coach's package
  • team promo
  • access to tv opportunities
  • assistance finding space

About ADDA-The Adult Double Dutch Association

This Organization was created to bring women together who are looking for a fun and unique way to stay fit without the thought of exercising.  Our members are professional women who love the sport of double dutch and wish to bring the game back. As a member, you will have access to not only street competitions but a pool of other professionals to share business ideas and health tips, patronize each other or simply mix and mingle.

But  don't forget, this network is all about health first, so grab your friends, organize your team and come join the fun!

Oh by way: Did you know jumping rope for 10 minutes can burn 200 calories?
Just interested in jumping for exercise?  Become a member and take advantage of our new "Jump N2 Shape" classes and or learn some new moves to try on your own. 
Never learned how to jump? Become a member to gain access to how-to videos or book our expert trainers to teach you how to jump (WE TRAVEL)
Already have a team? Become a member to participate in local and national street competitions! Once your'e a member click HERE for teams in your area or list your new team
I'm not a jumper, but I want to join the network-  And we thank you. Your proceeds will go towards our youth teams and their upcoming tournaments/events. 

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