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About AF Gang

What is AF Gang?

AF Gang is a growing music fan community that has developed into a fun, safe and supportive community to discuss new music and also share issues and vulnerabilities.

Growing at a rate of over 1000 new members a month the AF Gang was created back in June 2017 originally as a place for IDLES fans to connect.

After being founded in 2017 AF Gang has become a place where we can share music, arrange meet ups, and chat about almost anything. It is open to the public and anybody can join via

No patreon donations are required to join, this is an optional contribution page for our members.
Why Paetron?

AF Gang has existed for over two years as a Facebook community, but we’ve often been frustrated by the limitations of the services we were using.

Website – to create a permanent secure home for AF Gang.

Events / Parties / Meet ups

Podcast – our biggest goal, a monthly podcase hosted by the AF Gang admins and featuring special guests including musicians, bands and AF Gang members.

Commission artists within our community to design merchandise

Continue to donate to charity

Above all, we’re interested in hearing what you, our beloved community, want to see from AF Gang This is just the latest evolution of the community and we want to keep growing it for years to come.

By becoming a Patreon of The AF Gang and donating be it a one off amount no matter how small to even setting up a regular monthly donation to the AF Gang is supporting your group, your community above and beyond in ways we never thought possible.

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