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About @ráy Gámés


Sin to Heaven v0.3 


StH version 0.3 in progress

Latest version: v0.2b
version 0.2b out since 11th December

Game Links

$15 Patreon only : v0.2b Premiere Play + Extra content + Bonus Scenes ( 11th-December-2020) (Click Here)
$10 Patreon only : v0.2b Premiere Play 
( 11th-December-2020) (Click Here)
$5 Patreon only : v0.2b ( 15th-December-2020) (Click Here)
Patreon only : v0.2b ( 20th-December-2020) (Click Here)
Sin to Heaven Demo version  
(Click Here)

Welcome to my Patreon page.

Hello...everyone, Myself AG and i make adult romance and love visual novel games.

Current Projects :-

Sin to Heaven  
"The game revolves around a young man who moved away from his home town in pursuit of specialized education. During his time at a foreign boarding school, he shared adventures and relationships that will be important to his future story.
As our story begins, the protagonist returns home to reconnect with his landlady and his family. He must decide on his future and what will bring him the happiness he craves.
Surprisingly, it is not long before he finds himself placed in situations where he may choose to pursue the different women around him. The story's outcome will be driven by YOUR choices and how you choose to form relationships with the women around you.
Will you pursue success and dominate those you come into contact with or will you choose a laid-back path and let life come to you? It is up to you to decide…"

In this Sin to Heaven you will play as a Male Protagonist.

The Developer's
We are creating Adult content (Games / Visual Novels) under the label AG.
Started off as a solo project, but it is now a team, consisting of :

  Artwork / Developing - AG
 Story Writer - Dirtybird

Thanks, Enjoy my game and please support the game. Be safe, Have a nice day.

Screens from Sin to Heaven

Why Pledge

Your pledge makes it possible for me to keep developing adult games and you get the best erotic content 💦 .
And of course, you get Awesome rewards for your pledges!
You get access to all my games at the $5+ tier and above.
If you decide to pledge more, you'll get even more extras, early access to each new release and more!
Also, you can hide your pledge, so no one will know you support me! Sneaky 😜  
I want to give a Huge Thank You to everyone who supported me.


The game contains mature themes, nudity and graphic sexual content. 18+
My games do not include explicit depictions (spoken, visual, or written) of incest content, bestiality, underage characters, or any other content forbidden by the Patreon TOS

28% complete
          Okay, this is a very high goal. But I'm already working full time on the game and trying to do best i can. And I don't really want to say....
 This will allow us to cover the initial expenses and buy more cool things for the game. And i focus on the game development highly.
         Especially it will help to buy a new PC with "Highly Recommended Graphic Card (RTX)" which allows to Render my game into highly Live experienced Images and very fast to render game images with Ray Tracing, Which will satisfy you and me for doing this Project .
Thanks! for Your Support  😌 
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