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About Anthony

Welcome. If you're reading this, you're clearly interested in helping me out a smidge, which I really appreciate.

I've been working in the field of writing really for a few years now. I've worked as a content creator, freelance writer, and editor, but my passion has always been fiction. As it stands, I have been hard at work at two novels I'm shopping out to agents now. We'll see if any of them want to represent me. But in the meanwhile, I need to share my fiction with the world.

And that's where you all come in.

My Current Projects

+ A series of articles published either through Medium or third-party publications
+ A Choose Your Own Adventure novella to be posted to Wattpad
+ Short fiction going out to different publications

But I can't devote my time to such endeavors without your support. I can't take on this job without an audience that I can entertain and an audience that helps me keep making the stuff I love.

If you help support me, you will be given access to special bonuses. More are to come as I get bigger on here and more people pledge support to me. But so far, the biggest benefits to being a Patreon are:

Patreon-Only Blog Posts
Patreon-Bonus Votes for Future Content I Create
Personal Video Messages Recorded for You All (working on this...)

This page will improve with more patrons. If you are willing to give me your money, I better make damn sure I work hard to give you your money's worth and more! 

So once again, with all sincerity, thank you.
$0.95 of $50 per month
This is my first goal. I don't expect to reach it until I have demonstrated to you that I am worthy of reaching it. 

Once I reach this goal, I believe I can move on to bigger projects. Potentially, I can continue making free entertainment for you. This can take the form of:

+ Community Twitter events designed to foster comradery between writers.
+ More articles about comics, books, anime, film, etc
+ More writing available for free
+ Semi-regular Patreon-Only blog posts/Surveys
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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