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Adopt a Dolphin or Whale species
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Choose one of the species that occur in Portugal and contribute to the study and conservation of these important creatures of our Oceans.
Choose one species and we will keep you informed about their presence in the south of Portugal!  
Guide to Marine Species in the South of Portugal
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We will send you one of our guide books "Guide to marine species in the south of Portugal". 

In this guide you can find information about the most common species of dolphins, whales, sharks, marine turtles and sea birds in Portugal.
For any age, easy to use and waterproof.




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We are a team of researchers who love the sea and all the creatures which exist within it. We hail from different parts of the world and different backgrounds, but share a common goal: the conservation of the marine environment. We play an active role in marine research and conservation trough field research via non-intrusive techniques, educational programs for schools and the general public, and opportunities for partnerships with stakeholders of the sea and the international public.
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