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About AJ Sacher


This Patreon is under hiatus and has been for some time. I tried to reboot the show but didn't meet the 200-250$ per episode goal. It got close, I think peaked around $185 or so, but when it still hadn't crossed the threshold after a few episodes, I could no longer dedicate the time necessary to create more. I am keeping the Patreon up and open in case there's ever a random surge of interest, but for the time being, I'll make an episode if I have the time and inspiration for my new site, NumotGaming.com and will only start using this again if it ever becomes relevant. Thanks for understanding and HUGE thanks to everyone who supported the show!

What is AJTV?

It's a Magic: the Gathering show I used to do sporadically. Due to popular demand, I'm looking to resurrect it with your help! In each episode, I go over pro-level matches, breaking down the decisions within for educational and entertainment purposes. High level strategy with a dose of humor.

Originally inspired by the Starcraft 2 show, the Day[9] Daily, I use real game footage from live event coverage to talk about key strategic or tactical elements employed by the pros. The best way to improve at Magic is to learn from better players: this is the basis of AJTV; I want to teach using lessons from the best (and tell random stories/jokes).

Why Patreon?

Patreon is a great tool for consumers and creators to interact more directly. Basically, I make videos and you give me some money for it. By using Patreon [and sponsorships] rather than have AJTV be hosted content, I sacrifice some stability and risk missing out on some money, but we both get a lot in return.

For starters, I release content on my own schedule rather than rushing out incomplete products or having to delay potentially time-sensitive strategy guides due to arbitrary deadlines. Monetizing AJTV in this way gives me way more control over the show in terms of things like length (never have to pad or cut) and content (I can tell a story or something without fear).

I also look forward to not having a suit tell me to cover certain formats/tournaments/players. This way, I can choose to do videos on the best matches happening on which I have the most to say rather than be a glorified commercial. Patreon also lets me interact more closely with the viewership via the board/feed/whatever-they-call-it, so I can stay in tune with what people like and want to see.

Why support the show?

AJTV has been called the best content in Magic enough times that I'm willing to write it here despite it sounding like hyperbolic egotism. The truth is they can be pretty helpful and/or entertaining, and I love making them. If you want me to be able to have them be the best they can be and produce them regularly, then I need your help!

I'm going from being paid to do them to not being paid to do them. Turns out, food and shelter aren't free, and instead of spending my time producing awesome content, I have to spend it making money to live. So the more money I can make creating content, the less time I'll have to divert to other forms of income.

I can also assure that my content is not going to be locked behind paywalls [ever again, if I have any say on the matter] so that everyone can enjoy it, whether they can afford/choose to support the show or not.

In return for your support, in addition to getting more & better AJTVs, you will also receive some nice little perks based on how much you donate. If things go well, I'll be adding more goals and rewards soon, including things like special episodes and maybe even AJTV swag.

How does Patreon work?

Basically, you agree to pay me X amount for every episode of AJTV I publish. You can cap how many times a month you're willing to pay so you know you won't spend more than you expect. I don't see myself being able to make more than a few a month for the time being anyway. Then, every time I publish an episode, I get X dollars from you. It's a way for you to tip me for my content, and for me to know how much I'm expected to make when working on something.

Instead of, say, spending 12 dollars on a movie theater ticket, you can give me a fraction of that so I can make videos for you. And instead of seeing ~10 cents on the dollar like musical artists traditionally do, Patreon cuts out a lot of the middle-men so that creators will see closer to 90 cents on the dollar. This means that you can give relatively small amounts and it still makes a substantial impact on the show's bottom line.

All you have to do is click the orange-ish, red-ish (I'm bad with colors) button at the top of the left-hand sidebar widget thing (and web-design) that says "Become a Patron" and decide how much to give, set a cap how many times a month, pick your perk level if applicable, and  put in your payment information. And just like that, you're an official Patron of AJTV and I thank you for it!

$35 of $250 per Episode
Once I hit 250/per, I can guarantee that I'll make at least one show a month rather than relying on having the free time necessary to put an episode together.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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