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is creating a space for nannies and familes in the Austin area to connect.
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About Austin Nanny Job Board

Rachel started the Austin Nanny Job Board group on Facebook over a decade ago as a space for nannies in the Austin, TX area to be able to connect and set up playdates. However, it has evolved into a space where families can connect with agencies, professional nannies, and other caregivers for a wide variety of job opportunities!

Charly recently joined Rachel to help admin the group, and it has been their goal to partner in making the Job Board a reliable and resourceful place for professional nanny connections to take place.

Admin-ing the group takes a lot of hard work and a not-so-small time commitment on their part to make sure that job posts are informative, accurate, and fair, and that the group remains a space for quality nanny candidates to find great families to work with. They also strive to provide resources for nannies, agencies, and families by creating guides pertaining to current best practices and the local Austin market, and help guide families and nannies alike as they navigate the nanny field. They also seek to provide a community for nannies to connect, grow, learn and have fun!

Becoming a patron is required for membership to the Facebook group. After you have created a Patron account and selected a membership tier, select the "Membership Keyword" tag under the "Featured Tags" section on the Home page. This post, titled "Membership Keyword," will have the keyword you will need to enter when submitting your membership request to the Facebook group:

Once you have been accepted into the group page, you will need to adhere to the posting guidelines. You can review the description and group rules for up-to-date guidelines.

You may remain in the group as long as your Patreon subscription is active. While we expect families and nannies will want to connect and then cancel their subscription and leave the group, we encourage those who want to engage in the community we are building to stick around, especially if you are a nanny!

We encourage you to explore the posts on our Patreon page! Many of our guides and templates are available to all patrons. We would love for you to join our growing community with a subscription at the "Boogie Down!" level or higher. If you need help choosing a subscription level that best suits your needs, please email the admin team; we are happy to help you navigate.

To submit posts to the Patreon page for our consideration, provide feedback to the admins, or ask a question, please email us: [email protected]

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