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About APlaceForWonder

Hello !

I am an artist based in Italy, currently enrolled at the International School Of Comics - my dream as ‘illustrator in waiting’ is to create illustrations for fantasy and children books, folk tales, maybe even poetry.
I am at the core of me an animist so I always loved world mythology and stories of fairy lore.
For a time as a painter I was deeply fascinated with the art of portrait- I think it is interesting the way a face can be reflected differently on a painting according the way the artist perceives it, and the way emotion and expression can utterly change a face.
I started painting on oil pastels, feeling deeply the influence of surrealism and Picasso.
Today my favored media is watercolor but I particularly like mixing watercolor, ink and colored pencils for extra effects.
My artwork tells often of fairies, angels, demons, folklore, relationships, my love for nature and animals.
I named my shop A Place For Wonder, because that is what I eventually hope to bring about in the world- a little bit of wonderment, a small space for magic and unusual-ness, an edge of dreams and nightmares.
I believe deeply in the cathartic power of arts - I think creating art changes us , liberates us and in some way learning to appreciate a work of art is also a possibility to be inspired and transformed by it.
That ‘s why I love creating and the reason I think art is more than luxury goods- it is something necessary, recharging for the soul.


All you send me in the way  of support will be used for quality art supplies, and to keep the shop largely furnished ( I do know by experience that I create in thematic cycles, and I would prefer avoiding removing print listings from previous cycles because the shop became too large to support).

It will also win you my eternal gratitude- knowing someone enjoys my work enough to support it would be the greatest thing in itself for me.

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