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Welcome to ARKstuff!

ARKstuff is 17 ARK: Survival Evolved boosted servers for Xbox One & Windows 10 users to enjoy together as well as 5 Steam servers. This server cluster is primarily a Neebs Gaming Fan Server but ALL are welcome!

Xbox/Windows 10
  • ARK: Survival Evolved PVE Servers (Clustered)
    • [US] ARKstuff Ragnarok
    • [US] ARKstuff Aberration
    • [US] ARKstuff The Island
    • [US] ARKstuff The Center
    • [US] ARKstuff Scorched Earth
    • [US] ARKstuff Extinction
    • [US] ARKstuff Valguero
    • [US] ARKstuff Genesis I

  • ARK: Survival Evolved PVP Servers (ORP OFF):(Clustered)
    • [US] ARKstuff PVP The Island
    • [US] ARKstuff PVP The Center
    • [US] ARKstuff PVP Ragnarok
    • [US] ARKstuff PVP Extinction
    • [US] ARKstuff PVP Aberration
    • [US] ARKstuff PVP Scorched Earth
    • [US] ARKstuff PVP Valguero
    • [US] ARKstuff PVP Genesis I

  • ARK: Survival Evolved PVPVE Server (NEW!)
    • [US] ARKstuff PVPVE (Valguero)

  • PVE Servers (Clustered)
    • ARKstuff Ragnarok
    • ARKstuff Extinction
    • ARKstuff Valguero
    • ARKstuff Genesis I
    • ARKstuff Crystal Isles

Visit our website for all the information you could ever want/need including server settings, rules, member screenshot gallery, and much more:

Discord is our primary method of communication for ALL servers! Please join

Facebook Page:

ARKstuff Leadership
 - Server Owners: DieselEffect & TheFujitaFive (The Neebs Gaming Tattoo Guy, see here)
 - Co-Founder: HeavyT
 - Lead Wizard: StraightJack
 - Senior Lead Administrator: vigtar
 - Lead Administrators: Niteman, LWilkesCarey & Kaos

ARKstuff was inspired by Neebs Gaming's ARK: Survival Evolved YouTube Series! Check out Neebs Gaming, if you haven't already!

Your Money: In the event that the donations surpass the actual cost of the server, all additional proceeds will be donated to NEEBS GAMING on their Thursday night Twitch live streams ( on a monthly basis under the name "ARKstuff Servers". Each month I will disclose the total amount paid to Nitrado (the server hosting company) by me along with the total amount received from donations. Your expectation of me is 100% transparency.

Bottom line: All funds will either be sent to Nitrado for server costs, and then the rest (if any) will be donated to Neebs Gaming. No profit will be made by me.

The Patreon Rewards Process: Once you have subscribed and your payment has cleared, you will be sent a Google form via your Patreon Inbox ( that will ask for your in-game info, your reward selections, and your choice of the delivery options available. Once that form is received, an admin will fill your order at one of our Patreon Rewards bases in-game. You will be sent a PIN code for your Patreon vault, which will be labeled with the name you provided on the form, where you will be able to collect your rewards.

Thank you so much for your support!

Refund Policy: Refunds will be discussed by lead administration on a case-by-case basis. Refunds are not guaranteed but will be considered. 

Important note: Patreon and PayPal are legitimate organizations that do not provide customer banking information to the receiving party, in this case, ARKstuff Servers. If you are concerned that your banking information is not secure or safe using these methods of payment, I encourage you to contact Patreon and/or PayPal directly and ask them what information is provided to us. Currently in my account interface I receive a person's name, email address, amount pledged, and date pledged, but don't take it from me if you're concerned! Thank you!
$850 - reached! per month
At $750/month we will be able to afford 14 servers on both Xbox and Steam!
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