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About E. E. Yates

Welcome! I’m E. E. Yates! You may know me from having visited your community to paint a mural. All my life, my major purpose has been to uplift and empower people through murals.

Patreon is fun with good vibes and tribes of creative beings who can use their talents like never before. I’ve jumped into this wild party because I have scrumptious delights, ripe for the picking. Through drawing sustenance from an ethereal radiant presence, I’ve woven a magical cloak in the form of a book, for you to try on. It’ll tickle and brighten your mind, awaken your Art Spirit and magnify Light Living for the nourishment and benefit of all.


In my twenty year creative career, I have led community murals in twelve countries. I have thrived and visited forty countries by trusting LIFE MAGIC and LIGHT to support me as I support it.


With Patreon, I can work more Life Magic, bring more Light and inspired creations to life. Your support will give me the most special time in my career. Now that I’m ready to share my own themes and dreams—secretly gathered from a lifetime of Love and Light—we can foster and grow the Light (joy, creativity, harmony, awareness, love).


First, with your support, you become a part of a new magic. You will help bring Light into the world and carry the world into the Light, creation by creation. Your support puts you on my dream team.

Second, you will receive delightful goodies, all joyful beauties of Light. 1. An Artist and the Light, chapter by chapter or a full, signed copy, depending on your patronage. 2. Inspirational drawings and coloring books. 4. WILD SPIRIT cards to keep you young-spirited, happy and magical. 5. MAGIC posters like nothing you’ve ever seen, as downloads or silk scarfs. 6. Tips of the trade.

Third, as a part of this inspired community, you can request tailored gifts and see your visual and story ideas come to life.

Thank you for reading my message and joining me in brightening our world. Thank you Yays and Hurrays, Positive Power Pack, Joy Genies, Light Jugglers, Destiny Designers and Myth Makers! I love you all and can’t wait to create with you!
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When I reach this goal of 250 patrons, I’ll design (with your inspiring ideas) a three month mural tour with the spectacular goal of painting 90 pieces of POSITIVE public art, uplifting 90 different towns. 
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