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About ARTnGame

ARTnGame is a company working on video games and applications, with specialization on graphics middleware, for creating stunning cutting edge worlds in Unity 3D game engine.

This Patreon page is dedicated to the users of my systems or Unity 3D in general, that want to help with the ongoing development and give a further boost to my ability to deliver more amazing features with every new version and get access to my Beta and development releases the soonest, plus receive bonus modules for my systems.

For the ongoing development of my system can visit my Youtube page below

and the Unity forum thread

A very big thank you to anyone that participates in the effort for creating systems for stunning looking Unity 3D worlds generation.
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Nobleman is the base tier, helping with development is a noble cause. Free Sun Shafts SRP asset for all subscribers.

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Unicorns are a top tier, helping with development so much that gain access to magical Beta releases when are first available.  (Beta projects available to registered users of each asset). 

Demi gods
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Demi gods is the top tier, helping with development the most, and gain access to my WIP projects should they wish to, before Betas are ready for general consumption (Beta & WIP projects available to registered users of each asset).

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