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My mini-fan club of ASMR lovers. You guys will all get a thank you message with your name added to the description of every video. 

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You guys will get first access to all of my videos! Typically I upload my videos a few days before they are scheduled for public viewing. You will also have your name added to the beginning of each video as an additional thank you.And the previous tier benefits.

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You guys will get a link to an exclusive video once month with all of the outakes and bloopers from that month’s videos and all of the previous tier benefits.



About ASMRchetype

My name is Tess and I create ASMR videos on my YouTube channel “ASMRchetype.” They are typically used to relax and help people that may suffer from insomnia, PTSD, depression, stress, or anything of that nature. 
Happy Tingles,
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