A Tale of Dice

is creating A livestream of Pathfinder 2nd edition
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For those who wonder through our lives, to leave a positive mark on our community. We understand that some might want to help but don't have the means to. For those who travel to our world and want to give a helping hand.

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A very underestimated but vital part of society. Without farmers giving away a little bit of their harvest there would be no way for the society to exist.

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A merchant's life is all about making good investments and the right trade deals. He/She knows that before an enterprise can grow, it will need some support. He or she does this so that he can benefit from this later himself.

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About A Tale of Dice

Well hello there, we are a group of people called "A Tale of Dice" and this August(4th) will be the beginning of our journey where we will livestream our adventures playing the brand new RPG system pathfinder 2nd edition. Right now our budget isn't the largest given most of us are still mere students. We're trying to give the best experience we can to you with what we can afford but in the long run we hope to improve our streaming quality bit by bit. This will include buying new mics, camera's and all the technical equipment that is needed for our producers to be able to record us efficiently. Speaking of them, we've got an amazing team working behind the screen for us and currently they are all doing this voluntarily. One day we hope to atleast be able to give them something in return besides a lot of love for all their hard work.

The idea behind this project is not for us to make money but for us to give the best experience possible to you, our viewers. If you could support us on this quest we'd be forever grateful.