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Hello and Welcome to AVSTORYTELLER's Patreon Page!

"Here's How it Works: Patreon is monthly (or one off) payment from Fans to Creators, so Creators can keep on doing what they do best: Making great Stuff!" - Jack Conte CEO & CoFounder of Patreon

I create gaming Let's Play videos and Mod guides first and foremost for the sheer FUN of it!  And I'm so glad you want to be a part of that!
I have a bunch of stories bundled up inside me which I want to get out there!  And making Let's Play Videos (and the occasional Mod) is a great way of doing that.


Rewards and Goals

The primary reward I can give you is probably the reason why you're here in the first place:  My YouTube Videos.  Which will always be free to watch. Free entertainment, Mods and Mod  Tutorials from me to you and everyone!

Any donations received would be added back into making more videos and making them better! 
For example - I keep costs to an absolute minimum, by using Free Open Video recording software (Broadcaster)  and free demo version Video Editing software, (Lightworks Pro Demo).  So donations could go towards better audio/video software & hardware!

You can now support me with a small monthly donation.
Only Support if you have the means to do so.  I'm not expecting support so don't feel compelled, my YT videos will always be free to watch.

One-Time Donations

You can still support me with one-time donations via PayPal (this link  opens up my STREAMTIP page)
I greatly appreciate your generosity. Thank you for your support!

If you prefer you can also do this via Patreon by Clicking on the $1 Reward (change the amount as required) and then cancelling after the first payment has gone through. 
How will you know the payment has gone through? You'll get an email confirmation on the 1st of the month when you've been charged:  Full details here

Thank You

You can Email me at [email protected]
Visit my Facebook PAGE: facebook.com/AVStoryteller
Or Tweet me:  @AVStoryteller
My Website: google.com/site/avstoryteller
$9 of $40 per month
Logitech C920  HD Pro USB 1080p Webcam £72 / $94

This will massively improve the Video Quality, Sharpness and Motion Capture of my Webcam Epsiodes.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 65 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 65 exclusive posts

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