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Silent Fans Tier

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You get all the same benefits as the "Normalised Fans Tier", but you won't be in the Credits at the end of videos. Check out the "Normalised Fans Tier" for all the benefits you'll get.

This only exists just in case you really don't want to be in the Credits for whatever reason.
Includes Discord benefits

Normalised Fans Tier

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This Tier gets you access to everything unique about supporting AV Techy on Patreon:

You get your name (as it appears on Patreon) put into the Credits of every video that gets produced when you're supporting me on Patreon (there is a non-credit version of this tier if you really don't want to have your name in the Credits).

You get access to the Patreon only Discord where I can answer any questions or queries you have about pretty much anything on the channel.

You'll also gain access to weekly channel updates. Once a week I'll summarise all the progress made on videos, any plans I've been mulling over for future videos, and all changes big and small that progresses the channel in any way shape or form, as well as anything channel related that's going on.
Includes Discord benefits

Full Speed Fans Tier

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This is the enhanced tier for anyone who wants to support the channel more than the previous Tier.

Much like full speed fans, your name will be much more noticeable in the closing 20 second Credits sequence at the end of each video. And naturally you'll get the benefits from the previous Tiers.
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About AV Techy


It goes without saying, but "hello there, AV here!".

Thanks for checking out the AV Techy Patreon, and considering supporting the channel. Every little helps, and it all goes right back into purchasing hardware to review and create with, expanding the scope of the channel.


Patreon is simply a utility that allows anyone to financially contribute towards a project such as this one. The way this Patreon campaign is setup is so you can contribute as little or as much as you want per month.


Throughout the various "fan" based tiers there are a few benefits available. The "Normalised Fans Tier" gets you access to all the posts this channel makes including the "Weekly Updates" as well as a spot in the closing credits of videos (there's also a version of this tier (Silent Fans Tier) without featuring in the closing credits for those who want to stay publicly anonymous - it's up to you). Then if you really want to upgrade the support for the channel you can join the "Full Speed Fans Tier" to get the previous benefits plus a more noticeable spot in the closing credits - pretty much just for those who really want to drive the channel forward.


PC cases and coolers mainly. With the growth and reputation of the channel I'm getting more and more industry interest which reduces the expenses of the channel which is great. But of course unless people only want to see products from a select few companies on the channel, I will be purchasing components to review as has mostly been the case up until now.

Of course I will be upgrading hardware to use creatively as we go along. Lighting equipment, camera equipment, editing equipment, etc. get upgraded and replaced when required. But a big milestone I'd like to get to is purchasing a 4K camera so we can all better appreciate my poor shaving routine!


I want people to support the channel, simply because they want to support the channel. I'll keep making the content as long as I viably can, and if you want to contribute to the project I'd really appreciate it!

The "Weekly Updates" will give all of you a lot of background into how the channel is being run, and the directions we're heading long before anyone on YouTube, and a lot of its content simply won't make it to YouTube in their rawest form. Ideally I'd be able to make Patreon exclusive videos, but right now I'd end up spreading myself too thin at the cost of the growth of the channel, and my potential as a creator. Perhaps that can be a target for the future if I get more time on my hands for this.

Anyway, thanks for your consideration. I hope you enjoy many videos to come, and I'll catch you in the YouTube comments, on Facebook, or even on Discord if you fancy joining (public or Patreon exclusive).
$8.09 of $50 per month
At this level we'll be well on our way to balancing out the expenses of the channel. This will allow me to put the reduced losses into more interesting peices of tech, and that will continue to improve with further funding!
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