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We like making videos of people singing and dancing.

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Antonius and Vijay grew up in Europe studying classical music. Antonius composition and piano and Vijay the cello. One day, because they love the freedom of online media, musicals and spent too many hours watching YouTube, they decided to create a YouTube channel dedicated to making musicals. They like bike riding and eating ice cream on hot summer days. And yes, they are really brothers. 


Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

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Please take a few moments to watch the video above! It's worth it! :)

Hi, we're the AVbyte Brothers. We have a YouTube channel, AVbyte, that makes regular musicals, with singing, dancing, tap dancing and all that jazz!

We're super excited about Patreon. It's a kind of crowd funding that makes sense for our kind of content. It is, in our minds, BRILLIANT! 

Examples of our Work: 

What we want, day in day out, is to create the best possible content for our audiences. Every cent that you would send our way would make it's way directly back into our music and videos. We rarely work with budgets. In fact, we've never had a budget for a video before. Having a budget would allow us WAY MORE FREEDOM to make awesome content (fantastic costumes, locations etc.) which can only result in better videos for your enjoyment. 

Please consider giving us a dollar (or however you much you like) per musical that we upload to YouTube. We will continue to bring you nothing but the absolute best production and effort that you've come to know from us since the very beginning of our YouTube life. We release a video once every two weeks. If you're worried about us taking advantage and suddenly uploading a thousand videos, worry not! You can set a cap per month and rest assured. Besides, we would never do that!

Also, this is only for our MAIN MUSICALS, not the Behind the Scene or Comment Videos! 

Don't feel obliged though! We know what it means to not have a lot of money. Our content will continue being free. It's just if you want to help support us and see our content grow and blossom! 

Thanks for reading this! Don't forget to check out the rewards down below! The ACTIVITY FEED is pretty awesome. We'll have a lot of exclusive content right there, and post stuff there way before we post it goes anywhere else. Like ideas for upcoming video, and getting your opinion about videos, what musical style we should tackle next, or whom you'd like us to collab with.

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